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Project Management

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At KAAL ASSOCIATES, we will help you or your organization to:

Improve project management capabilities.
Develop project management strategies.
Establish best practices.
Implement appropriate processes to support project management.
Enhance chances of success in undertaken projects.
Prepare to capitalize on new opportunities.

We are excited for our work and how it positively impacts clients.

Other Services

Other Project Management Services

Apart from Project Management Education we provide, our project management services also include:

Management of clients projects.
Project Management Contracting
Business Analysis

Our project management framework covers:

Project Management Transformation

Due to the swift expansion of the IT and business industries, the services provided by our project management consultants need to be enhanced in terms of performance and quality of work to meet the project goals & objectives, and ultimately bring client satisfaction. KAAL ASSOCIATES Project Management Consultants works on principles that keep our clients happy and satisfied. We ensure projects meet the agreed time frame, within the agreed price and quality standards. We engage in new development, re-development, residential/commercial projects and many more. We bring all professionals of different functions required for project on same table, bind them together and lead them in a flow from start till finish of the project.

Strategic Project Framework

We have developed a framework approach that leverages project management, delivery models, and target operating models. Innovative technologies support analysis of new regulations that enable regulatory compliance and optimise the implementation through effective tools. Combining deep expertise in finance, business, IT and project management, we create significant Return-On-Investments for our clients.

Risk Assess & Management

To ensure the success of your project, effective risk management is vital at every phase. We offer a comprehensive range of risk management and assessment services that can help you take a structured approach to managing risk at every stage of your project. From the initial construction, through to the on-going operation and maintenance of your assets, we can help you identify, assess and manage risks associated with the cost, performance, safety and scheduling of your project.

PMO deployment, operation & enhancement

Organizations continue to be challenged with the consistent application of defined project management processes, resource planning, forecasting, and other business demands. A well-managed Project Management Office (PMO) can address these challenges in order to ensure successful project delivery. We work with clients when they need to deploy a new PMO, operate a PMO, or optimize and enhance an existing PMO to meet a set of evolving challenges, functions, and services.

Project review & recovery

KAAL ASSOCIATES project recovery experts begin by reviewing of the project's current state to identify the areas in jeopardy. Common areas of concern often include issues with scope, resource availability and/or capability, roles and responsibilities, and project monitoring and control. We will present our assessment to the senior leadership team recognizing the project's accomplishments to date, while calling out the major issues that caused it to veer off track. A corrective plan is provided as part of this presentation. Once the plan is accepted by the organization, our recovery experts will lead the turnaround initiative, or you may choose to have us mentor your project team through the recovery process

Vendor management

It is more common than not for vendors to be responsible for deliverables within a project. Whether you are implementing a new COTS application or outsourcing a piece of your business, vendor management is a necessity in business today. KAAL ASSOCIATES has the experience to manage and work on your behalf with vendors to ensure terms and conditions are met. If you already have a PMO in place, KAAL ASSOCIATES can help you add the proper governance necessary to manage your vendors effectively. Your vendors have an agreement with you; not with other suppliers. During the planning process, you may discover vendor deliverables have dependencies on each other. We can help you identify those integration points and manage the handoffs between multiple parties. As the experts, we know the pitfalls and act on your behalf as ‘the owner’s rep” to ensure all parties associated with projects meet their commitments. Managing scope and the contract while applying change management to the process provides the transparency required to achieve success.

Recover Projects

Top 5 Actions Taken to Recover Projects

Improving communication and stakeholder management.
Redefining the project—reducing the scope, re-justifying the project financially.
Adding and/or removing resources.
Resolving problematic technical issues.
Replacing the project manager or bringing in a consultant to manage recovery.
Resource Management

Resource Management

Understanding the resource capacity and skill sets that exist within your organization gives you the ability to balance demand and apply the right resources at the right time. PM Solutions helps you obtain, structure, and analyze your resource management information and practices to use your talent effectively and streamline resource deployment.

The first step is to uncover the skills, roles, and resources that currently reside within the organization. From this data, a simple categorization structure can be developed. This will facilitate resource allocation decisions across the organization. The Project Management Office (PMO) and departments such as HR are often involved in this process.

Once you have a handle on the overall resources available within your organization, you need to get a clear picture of the availability of these resources to support the initiatives within your project portfolio. We recommend a resource management database be created and tied to project priorities. We can help you perform resource estimates (including resource loading and leveling) against your resource limitations, and also run “what if” scenarios to factor in new initiatives relative to resource impact and availability. Our expert consultants are skilled at analyzing any resource shortages or added capacity uncovered, and recommending the appropriate actions that will bring the most value and cost savings to the organization (contracting, hiring, using resources earlier, etc.). We can work with your existing tools, provide you with the tools, and/or help you procure the right tools to effectively perform resource management functions scaled to your organization’s size and needs.

KAAL ASSOCIATES will help you right-size your PMO based on the size of your portfolio and level of project management maturity within your organization. This will determine how many project managers and support staff you need to execute projects effectively, assess the competency of your project managers, build professional development programs, encourage a project management culture, develop job descriptions, and delineate roles and responsibilities.