Financial advisory, Business and IT Consultancy, Project Management



KAAL Associates Project Management Consultants works on principles that keep our clients happy and satisfied. We ensure projects meet the agreed time frame, within the agreed price and quality standards. We engage in new development, re-development, residential/commercial projects and many more.



We provide unique consulting services that are peculiar to your business needs while we apply analytical, data-driven approach in utilizing creative, multidisciplinary strategies to transform culture of your workplace. We help you align business processes, tools and strategy with the right workforce


We bring our expertise and advanced analytics to develop cost-optimised target operating models and more efficient business architectures. By so doing, we help our clients to make informed decisions on what to retain or buy and what to re-factor or innovate.

About Us

Established in September of 2003, KAAL Associates has grown to become one of Nigeria’s reliable providers of Financial, IT, Project management, and business advisory services. Our advisors are focused on providing the right advice and solutions for their clients, both individuals and businesses. We provide market-leading consulting and advisory services to our clients.

KAAL Associates is a highly innovative and dynamic consulting firm with core competence in value creation to our clients which has been fundamental to our success. We’re creative and solution oriented management consulting firm led by a highly accomplished and experienced management team. KAAL Associates has the resources, the financial strength and a track record of success to deliver invaluable guidance and support to our clients across numerous industries in Nigeria and abroad.

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